Fast cPanel Web Hosting with MySQL Databases for Fast cPanel Web Hosting in 2020

Fast cPanel Web Hosting with MySQL Databases for Fast cPanel Web Hosting in 2020

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It all starts with a domain.

Fast cPanel Web Hosting with MySQL Databases for Fast cPanel Web Hosting in 2020.

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We stock more than 800+ Million Domain Names.  Personal cPanel Web Hosting – Business cPanel Web Hosting


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Fast cPanel Web Hosting
MySQL Web Hosting 

MySQL Database or Microsoft Database – base Web Hosting?

MySQL is used as a database on linux systems and usually installed and configured easily with a username and password from our fast cpanel web hosting plans.

MySQL is one of the most complex applications out there but with us at Skybridge Domains, it’s easy.  We’ve got a nice and shiny new graphical user interface that you can use to install and configure the database with then you use your own domain name and fast cpanel web hosting plan to set things up with your website requirement.  This could be WordPress and Woocommerce, Magento, Oscommerce or any other custom database you want to install and configure using the world wide web.  People are often very confronted when people say MySQL and often don’t even know what it is, essentially, it’s a database based on the Linux operating system.

MySQL Databases is perfect to store securely and encrypt data from customers orders and is often used in conjunction with Woocommerce.  Woocommerce is a fancy shopping cart that’s designed specifically to take new orders and store them in a MySQL Database.

Fast cPanel Web Hosting Plans with Domain Names.

How do I Know which one is good for my company or personal custom website? Fast cPanel Web Hosting – Serve your hosting business better Manage your sites, servers and your business with our suite of hosting automation and optimization solutions cPanel & WHM®

Fast cPanel Web Hosting – Equipped with interfaces for both you and your customers to simplify site and server management Fast cPanel Web Hosting – Automation Fast cPanel Web Hosting – cPanel & WHM allows hosting providers and users the ability to automate server management tasks while offering your customers the tools they need to manage their sites.

Fast cPanel Web Hosting – In-house support Fast cPanel Web Hosting – cPanel & WHM also comes with our in-house, 24/7 support to help solve all your hosting needs.

Fast cPanel Web Hosting Fast cPanel Web Hosting – FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS Create websites and domains in a few clicks Launch and manage email networks Manage and store web files Fast cPanel Web Hosting – WHM

Fast cPanel Web Hositng – FOR YOU Create cPanel accounts for customers Monitor and protect your server Transfer and backup data in a few clicks cPanel Licenses – Fast cPanel Web Hosting comes fully licensed without fail.

Skybridge Domains – Fast cPanel Web Hosting sits on the fastest dedicated servers available and in the real world, where the datacentre is key for it’s existence.  Fast cPanel Web Hosting is reliable, secure and super-fast. Find out everything you can do with If you got a need for cPanel Web Hosting then you have come across the fastest cPanel Web Hosting.

Fast cPanel Web Hosting – Create a premium hosting experience with these add-on solutions Fast cPanel Web Hosting Plans – Host more sites, optimize server performance and provide a more stable, secure environment for your shared hosting customers.

Fast cPanel Web Hosting Basic plans start off – Automatically installs all the necessary security updates to running kernels – no need to reboot your cPanel Linux servers.

Fast cPanel Web Hosting Extreme Plans – Automatically installs all the necessary security updates to running kernels – no need to reboot your cPanel Linux servers. Every fast cPanel Web Hosting plans comes with Automatically installs all the necessary security updates to running kernels – no need to reboot your cPanel Linux servers.

If you want to install WHMCS or any other database then the Fast cPanel Web Hosting Basic Plan is for you and comes with all the advanced features. Seamlessly integrate cPanel with a dynamic, all-in-one billing and automation platform that meets all your web hosting business needs. Providing complete protection against attacks, Fast cPanel Web Hosting delivers sophisticated detection and display of security threats, powered by a self-learning firewall with herd immunity.

Fast cPanel Web Hosting Plans – Third-party cPanel apps Developers love cPanel so much that some created apps and plugins, for free! Check out dozens of useful and innovative applications to add to your configuration. Fast cPanel Web Hosting Plans lets you install and configure virtually any MySQL Databases.

From WordPress, Magento, Woocommerce through to OSCommerce and others, don’t delay.  Fast cPanel Web Hosting Plans do it all.  Easy and Fast. A few point and clicks and you are done.  Everything is installed and configured. We offer free and discounted licenses to qualifying non-profits and educational institutions.

Building for cPanel & WHM? Check out the Developer Center and find out about our free licenses for developers just like you. If you need to develop a linux, html, php or database based website then you’ve found the right place.

Signup to the fastest cPanel Web Hosting Plans Online below.

Skybridge Domains Emails

What is SMTP?
In short, it’s Email.  Outgoing Email.

Most people don’t get to see the running’s of a SMTP, POP3, IMAP as it’s strictly confidential and company own assets that control the companies email and sits in the datacentre. 

Your Fast cPanel Web Hosting & Email Services comes with SMTP, POP3 & SMTP email services pre configured so it only takes you seconds to setup on your Microsoft Outlook Client or Smart Phone.

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it’s the industry standard protocol for email sending.

With SMTP you are sending, relaying, or forwarding messages from a mail client (like Microsoft Outlook) to a receiving email server. A sender will use an SMTP server to carry out the process of transmitting an email message.

The key thing to keep in mind when thinking about whether to use SMTP or IMAP, is that SMTP is about sending email. So, if you’re looking to enable email sending within your application, then you’ll want to go ahead with using SMTP over IMAP.

What is IMAP?
IMAP Manages Email

If SMTP is all about sending, then what is IMAP?

Simply put, IMAP (Internet Access Message Protocol) is an email protocol that deals with managing and retrieving email messages from the receiving server.

Since IMAP deals with message retrieval, you will not be able to use the IMAP protocol to send email. Instead, IMAP will be used for receiving messages.

Example of SMTP & IMAP Working Together

Whether you’re sending a transactional email like a password reset, or you’re receiving a paycheck notification — chances are that you’re using both SMTP and IMAP.

Here’s how SMTP and IMAP work together to transmit an email message.

  • 1) After creating an email and pressing ‘send’, your email client (e.g. Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) will use SMTP to send your message from your email client to an email server.
  • 2) Next, the email server will use SMTP to transmit the message to the recipient’s receiving email server.
  • 3) Upon a successful receipt of the SMTP transmission (indicated by a 250 OK response code), the recipient’s email client will fetch the message using IMAP and place it in the inbox for the recipient to access.

What is POP3?
In short, it’s Receiving Email

In addition to IMAP, there’s also another protocol for receiving email — it’s called POP3.

POP stands for Post Office Protocol.

And the number three stands for “version 3,” which is the latest version and the most widely used — hence the term “POP3.”

So, what’s the difference between POP and IMAP?


POP3 downloads the email from a server to a single computer, then deletes the email from the server.

On the other hand, IMAP stores the message on a server and synchronizes the message across multiple devices.

Should you be using POP3 or IMAP?

It depends on how you want to access your emails.

Generally speaking, IMAP is more powerful and the recommended method for receiving email if you’re working across multiple devices.

Alternatively, if you prefer to have all emails accessible offline, and if you have a designated device for email, then POP could be a suitable option.

Summary of the SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 Email Protocols

To wrap up our blog post on using SMTP or IMAP, here’s a quick summary:

  • SMTP is the industry standard protocol for sending email. If you’re looking to send email, then you’ll use SMTP instead of IMAP. An SMTP relay service can help you send email without having to build your own SMTP server.
  • IMAP is one of the most common protocols for receiving email. IMAP syncs messages across all devices.
  • POP3 is another protocol for receiving email on a single device. Using POP3 means that your email will be accessible offline and deleted from the server.

By now you should see that there are significant differences between IMAP, POP, and SMTP.

Above all, everyone needs and uses email today for communications via electronic methods.  You can install and configure private and secure email services onto your smart phone, desktop PC & apple mac client.


Domain Names are needed for people to find your fast cPanel Web Hosting in Australia and around the world.  Did you know that virtually every company on every stock exchange has a domain name and a web hosting solution.  There are two types of  Fast Web Hosting options, Linux-based cPanel Web Hosting and Microsoft IIS Web Hosting. Depending on your requirements, most clients choose one or the other or both, depending on the exact needs of their super-fast web hosting requirements for domain names and website functions.

You can still make a millionaire of your self online but the dynamics have changed.  Start your new domain name now!  Search and register your next domain names online.  For Example, some people have a street address which is like 123 Domain Names Avenue.  Instead of having 123 Domain Names Avenue, some people have a classy address and just have Domain Names Estate.

Your Domain Names Estate example and reference, would view it as your domain name in the online world.  It’s easier to tell someone your estates address rather than your actual physical numbered address like 123 Domain Names Avenue.  If people know your physical as “domain names estate” then you’re easier to find when you are driving past.  This makes it a very easy concept to understand domain names.

People say it’s easier to reference Domain Names Estate and not 123 Domain Names Avenue, Domain Names.  To put simply, register your domain names online and you will stand out amongst the crowd.


Domain Names start off with traditionally .com or .net.  You can buy other domain names to suit your needs. .se .cn .us .eu .it .online .site, etc domain names.

Got a photography or “images” business? Then you need a domain name to bring it online.  A Domain name is how you find a business called and is an example of domain names.  The best way to get started and choose your domain name online is to call your domain names an exact product of whatever you are trying to sell online.  For Example, your domain name is selling images for campaigns then you should call it, it’s self explanatory and useful to whoever wants to buy an image. 

For domain names, it will also help with SEO and marketing your products and services because it is easy to type into a web browser.  If you’re business has a long name then try and shorten it but don’t use initials because it’s lengthy.

Domain Names Registrations
Check Domain Names

Australian domain registration – Worldwide domain registration.

A good domain, like your business name, reinforces your brand values, provides a competitive edge, should be easy to remember, differentiates you from competitors, and can even help increase traffic to your website.
By picking a simple and memorable domain name that focuses on your brand highlights you will be able to reap rewards in the form of traffic, purchases, recommendations, and clicks. Additionally, registering a domain that matches your business name adds credibility and respectability, which is important in this day and age to help alleviate security concerns.

Domain Names are used to helpfully find your companies website online. Domain names should be short, easy and meaningful use of your products and services names.  Domain Names can take up to 1 minute to register and host with your website online. You can also have a phone number, email base don IMAP, POP3, SMTP email options.

It’s true what they say, it all start’s with a domain.

Your domain name is your unique website address and forms your company’s online identity and brand, allowing people to find you quickly and easily. By registering multiple extensions you are protecting your domain name and the brand equity you are building. By stopping a competitor from registering similar domains to yours, you will not only protect your online identity but also help increase traffic to your website.

When you buy one or more domain names, you’re adding value to your online presence for your products and services to sell.  You may start off with only one domain name but it is highly recommended that you buy multiple domain names.  Some bigger companies like Google actually have hundreds of domain names and partly why they are so successful.

with every domain name
  • Domain Manager
  • Domain Transfer
  • Cloud DNS Services
  • 24/7 Friendly Support
Why do you need to buy a domain name in Australia?

Domain Names is for Immediate brand recognitionOne of the biggest perks you enjoy when you buy a domain name in Australia is instant brand recognition. This is especially true if you get one that is not only unique to your company, but also memorable and easy to spell.

Using your company name or initials in your website name helps to immediately tell people that the website belongs to you. Also, buying web addresses like or makes your value proposition clear. People don’t have to guess what kind of products you sell or what type of services you offer, saving you time and money on branding efforts.Domain names is for marketing benefits. 

Domain names for sale also provide your business with a great starting point for online marketing and promotion.  You can use them to quickly tell internet users who you are and what you offer. You can create sub-domains specifically for certain products or services, and use them to draw web traffic. In addition, website names can also be used offline with print ads, billboards, and TV ads as a way of letting consumers know where they can get more information about your business when they are ready to make a purchase.

Domain Names is for Trust and authority

Another benefit of buying a domain name is that it helps to add credibility to your company. A unique and relevant website name reinforces your brand and makes you appear professional and authoritative to both your customers and competitors. This gives consumers the confidence to share information with you and buy the products you have for sale. This trust comes from the fact that consumers know getting a personalised or branded website name is expensive and means fulfilling certain requirements. Fly-by-night operations or scammers do not typically invest in this kind of expense or effort.Domain names is for SEO advantages

When you buy a domain that’s personalised to fit your brand, you are essentially giving your business a face that search engines can quickly recognise. This way, it’s easier for them to rank your website at the top of search results when a user types a relevant keyword or search term. The higher your ranking is, the more people are likely to see your site and click on it. This increased consumer traffic can significantly increase your conversions and sales.Domain Names is needed for your Professional Email addressBuild on your success.  Everyone has email, but that doesn’t mean all email is the same. Customers are nine times more likely to choose a business with a professional address like

Don’t settle for a host that’s inferior to skybridge domains, emails, web hosting and domain names is imperative for your online presence and selling.  You need your domain names always online.  Domain Names are protected by SSL Security – Protect your data and your customers. 

An SSL Certificate protects the data going to and from you site — from personal info to credit card numbers — making it impossible for hackers to read them. And when visitors feel safe, they’re more likely to give you their business.  Everyone starts checking the proposed domain name and to see if it’s available still or may be able to buy it, if it is for sale.  Buy your next domain names online and make your domain names available to the world wide web.

What is a domain name?

By definition, a domain name is simply a human readable form of an IP address. In function it is the destination that you type into a web browser in order to visit a website, such a
In short, a domain name is just a name and a network of IP addresses simply connect your specific IP address number to a website’s domain name so it can be easily found.  Basically, no one wants to type in a whole bunch of length IP address and complex computer generated numbers to reach your website.  It’s far easier for people to just type in a domain name.

Domain Names – The SAAS Hosting Company.
Domain Names Search & Register 

Fast cPanel Web Hosting with MySQL Databases
for Fast cPanel Web Hosting in 2020

Skybridge Domains Web Hosting
Fastest cPanel Web Hosting in Australia
Privately Host Your Website  Securely
and with the highest encryption available.
It all starts with a domain name in 2020.
In under 1-2 minutes, you can be fully upgraded and up and running with fast cPanel Web Hosting PREMIUM plans and a domain name.  It’s never been easier to get started online.  Unlimited Diskspace cPanel Web Hosting with Secure and Encrypted Websites. The World’s leading hosting control panel built on the World’s largest cloud platform, Fast cPanel Web Hosting . Get your fast, reliable and secure hosting today.
Domain Names comes with fast web hosting
at Affordable, reliable Australian web hosting
cPanel web hosting is a widely used web hosting control platform that’s ideal for all small businesses – whether you’re just starting your online business, already growing strong, or even running a high demand eCommerce website.
The cPanel web hosting interface allows you to easily manage multiple domains, emails, database, monitor your website bandwidth and get full visibility of your site space.  Built on Fast cPanel Web Hosting infrastructure and with an Australian hosting facility, you’ll benefit from being on the top cloud platform and get fast, reliable and secure hosting. Don’t delay choosing your cPanel plan with Skybridge Domains today!
Activated within minutes of purchases and simple 1-click install of web apps like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
Activated within minutes of purchases and simple 1-click install of web apps like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
cPanel web hosting plans

Fast cPanel Web Hosting Plans BASIC plans

  • 1-click install of web apps
  • 3-page DIY website builder
  • 24/7 support
  • 20 GB storage
  • 500 GB bandwidth
  • 50 email accounts
  • 3 FTP users
  • 1 database

Buy Now $5.00 AUD + GST/month

Fast cPanel Web Hosting EXTREME plans

  • 1-click install of web apps
  • 3-page DIY website builder
  • 24/7 support
  • 50 GB storage
  • 750 GB bandwidth
  • 100 email accounts
  • 10 FTP users
  • 3 databases

Buy Now $10.00 AUD + GST/month

Fast cPanel Web Hosting ULTIMATE plans

1-click install of web apps
3-page DIY website builder
24/7 support
100 GB storage
Unlimited° bandwidth
Unlimited° email accounts
20 FTP users
10 databases

Buy Now $12.95/month AUD + GST

Discover All Web Hosting & Email Plans

Email Hosting Plans – Email POP3,
SMTP, IMAP Accounts

Email POP3, SMTP & IMAP.

What does each one do? In Essence, it’s Email. Summary of the SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 Email Protocols –

An SMTP relay service can help you end email without having to build your own SMTP server. IMAP is one of the most common protocols for receiving email. IMAP syncs messages across all devices. POP3 is another protocol for receiving email on a single device. SMTP sends email securely and encrypted

POP3 receives email securely and encrypted

IMAP is not really needed but when it’s used, IMAP syncronises email and keeps everything in check across all your emails, devices and different accounts. IMAP, POP3, SMTP are very common features.

Domain Names 2020 – Fast cPanel Web Hosting is designed to work with all the domain names online 24/7.  TLDs Listed Alphabetically – All domain extensions listed and grouped from A to Z.

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