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NetPhone Australia / NZ

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NetPhone Australia / NZ …

16+ Million VoIP Phone Numbers Released in 2020

Great for personal systems, professional offices, businesses, corporates and enterprises.  Join NetPhone Today.  NetPhone or VoIP is a phone that makes phone calls to landlines and mobiles over the internet or your broadband connection.


NetPhone Australia / NZ, 16+ Million Phone Numbers Released in 2020!

NetPhone VoIP or Voice over IP Phone lets you make and receive phone calls over your broadband service provider’s internet connection.

What are ring groups? Ring groups are NetPhone VoIP features that let you have 1 phone number and calls on many devices – so you can have 3 physical desk phones like the Grandstream GRP 2612P, Bria client for apple iphone 10 x and xlite client for PC with Microsoft Professional 10.  You can make calls ring in these 3 places at once.  As long as the device or “phone number” is configured inside the ring group then you can have incoming calls ring in 3 places in your office.

The option have 1 deskphone then a bria and xlite client is so you can ensure redundancy whilst still maintaining your core voice over IP phone network is always on with NetPhone.  You always need your phone available and always-on.

NetPhone VoIP Phone ring groups are a great way to ensure redundancy.

NetPhone VoIP Phone Plans start at unlimited calling with a per minute usage charging like any competitive service provider .  NetPhone VoIP Plans, you start off with a new landline NetPhone VoIP Phone Number. 

NetPhone Plans work over Telstra, iiNET, DODO, Clubtelco, Commander, Optus.  NetPhone VoIP lets you make and receive phone calls to any network, not just the one.  NetPhone VoIP has become a very competitive business. 

NetPhone VoIP ultimately is just a phone but just a high tech phone that works.

NetPhone Australia / NZ, 16+ Million Phone Numbers Released in 2020!

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