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NetPhone Cat-5-6e Cabling



A business telephone system is the backbone of every successful business and choosing the right phone system based on your specific needs is imperative to your business. NetPhone (powered by Skybridge Domains and NBN City) has certified technicians and design engineers to customize your phone system to your specific needs. NetPhone (powered by Skybridge Domains and NBN City) can provide you with the guidance you need to purchase a new system or upgrade your current business telephone system. (powered Skybridge Domains and NBN City) offers free site surveys. Call for a quote today.


First of all, before you start reading and considering your options for a telecommunications system, network quality and consisency with a reliable, good quality broadband internet connection is everything.  For starters, let’s break down some factors.  Starting with Cat 5, 6e cabling is one of the best ways to ensure a great quality connection is maintained in your home residence or business network.

With all the hype of NBN, WIFI, Cat-5, Cat-6e, Cabling with Fibre Optics, Starlink, Satellite Communications and bluetooth.  Which stacks up to be the best NetPhone Connection-related optimisation efforts.  You might of guessed WIFI is great for NetPhone.  However, in most cases wifi is very poor signals, drop outs, and just not possible in some areas.

The same can be argued for cabling.  Although the pros of having great quality calls over NetPhone then you really can’t go past cat-5, cat-6e cabling for perfect network quality.  WIFI these days more or less has improved vastly and thanks to 4G, 5G, there is not much degradation or depleted signal, although, cross over interference and significant drop outs can still occur if you have bad quality router, bad quality wifi signal, incorrectly configured router, too many wifi channels on the same channels.

NetPhone Cat-5-6e Cabling NetPhone comes highly recommended. NetPhone runs over different types of Network Cabling Options. NetPhone is deployed over cat-5, 6e with Netphone UC options.

NetPhone over Cat-5 Cabling

The Benefits over Cat-5 Cabling superseds WIFI or wireless connections because NetPhone Cat-5 Cabling offers stable, fast and persistent throughout of NetPhone voice over IP data.  NetPhone cat-5 is known typically by traditionally the blue cable in your office or home residence.

NetPhone Cat-5 is by far the greatest over WIFI, even though wireless networks sound like it’s great at the top, WIFI networks are still prone to consistent drop outs, coverage slowdowns, and weak to no signals.  You can buy repeaters for WIFI networks but this just adds to bottleneck complications when voice over IP network cat-5 network is deployed.

You need less interfence for NetPhone Cat-5, so it is more than ideal for your NetPhone cat-5 telecommunications system to function correct when it is connected directly to youe netweoks cat-5 blue cable to your router spare switch port.

NetPhone Cat-5 Cabling 100Mbps.

Contrary to popular belief NetPhone Cat-5 Cabling option is still highly recommended. Because cabling is proven, tested and very reliable for real world networks and has been around for a long time and is considered to be the gold standard of internal networking for computers.

What’s Exactly Cat-5 Cabling.

NetPhone should use at least Category 5 cable (Cat 5) is a twisted pair cable for computer networks. Since 2001, the variant commonly in use is the Category 5e specification (Cat 5e). The cable standard provides performance of up to 100 MHz and is suitable for most varieties of Ethernet over twisted pair up to 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet).
Alternatively referred to as an Ethernet cable or LAN cable, a Cat 5 or category 5 is a network cable that consists of four twisted pairs of copper wire terminated by an RJ-45 connector. Cat 5 has a maximum length of 100m, exceeding this length without the aid of bridge or other network device could cause network issues. The picture shows an example of Cat 5 cable.
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