NetPhone Economy Plans

NetPhone Economy Plans


NetPhone – Don’t let the economy shut down your regular phone line – Signup to NetPhone Now!  Use NetPhone as a primary phone number and Phone or a secondary back up NetPhone in case something goes wrong and you are unable to use your regular Telstra, Optus, IINET Phone Line.

NetPhone is reliable, world-class & setup to be the best in the world and relies on distributed network communications as it is hosted in the datacentre throughout multiple locations throughout the world.  When you need to get a NetPhone – Signup Now to Us.

NetPhone Australia Plans is Now Available Worldwide so that your telecommunications systems works no matter what.  Never any down times and always online 24/7.  We’re a true, dedicated services support company, which means you’re NetPhone is always on & NetPhone is always available for great tech support.  A Good phone company should never have their network down & always remain operational, even in the worst of times.  In the best of times, NetPhone Australia, simply just works all year around & comes highly recommended.

NetPhone Australia Plans $35/month AUD + GST & Includes a new phone number, voicemail, caller ID, make & receive phone calls, ring groups, call forwarding, call tracking and many advanced telco netphone services with your landline netphones.

NetPhone Australia brings you the best NetPhone Landlines Available.  Included Grandstrem GRP 2612P, WIFI Landline.

NetPhone Australia

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