Crypto Mining Hive OS SSH Password Login IP Port 22

Crypto Mining Hive OS SSH Password Login IP Port 22

Login to your Hive OS account via hive OS website.

Once you have logged into Hive OS

You can select and click on your relevant Hive OS Flight Sheet

Click on Select worker at the top left in Hive OS.

Click On the relevant IP address in your case.

A new page will open that’s is or your relevant IP address in your case.

At the very top, click on the small square. When you roll your mouse over it, it will say Remote Access.

Click on the Remote Access icon at the very top.

You should be able to click on shell in a box, IP address

Hive OS will start and create a new Hive OS that says Hive Shell and a white open icon on the far left.

Click on the white open with the arrow to the right to open the shell command prompt via SSH in your web browser. (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge is best).

Hive OS will open a new web browser window called Shell In A Box.

You need to reset the password for SSH to login via Zoc SSH client or Putty SSH Clients Terminal Software.

The first command you need to run is hive-passwd -conf user

To change the password to your own password to access Hive OS remotely simply do the following.

The command to reset your password is passwd user

Hive OS will prompt you to enter and confirm new password.

Your password for ssh user root access is now set.

Login to your or local IP address with your ZOC pro or Putty SSH client software.

You have successfully reset your password and should be able to login to your SSH client software with port 22 for your SSH access.

It’s easy.