Cryptocurrency 2022…101…How to Start To Mine Cryptocurrency? What is cryptocurrency mining?

Cryptocurrency 2022...101...How to Start To Mine Cryptocurrency?

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By mining, you can earn cryptocurrency without having to put down money for it. Bitcoin miners receive bitcoin as a reward for completing “blocks” of verified transactions, which are added to the blockchain. Long term cryptocurrency mining is key to wealth.

Cryptocurrency 2022…101…How to Start To Mine Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Mining can be done by using your CPU, GPU or ASIC cryptocurrency miners setup in a special way to perform special cryptographic problem solving complexities.  What would take a human hours or if not thoeretically impossible to calculate and crunch sophisticated numbers to solve complicated maths problems.  Cryptocurrency mining takes only a few seconds with the power of the CPU, GPU or ASIC cryptocurrency miner. 

Between the 3 mining types available to cryptocurrency mining, cryptocurrency mining is taken into account, your budget, hardware available, power cost and cryptocurrency value which is the price of the cryptocurrence, hashrate and location around the world.

If everything is in your favor and you don’t mind spending a bit of money to get started with cryptocurrency mining or own graphics cards like the NVIDIA 12GB MSI Ventus 3060 graphics cards then you can start to setup your own cryptocurrency mining system at home, work or warehouse.

At home, you can get started with cryptocurency with a couple of graphics cards going with MSI NVIDIA 3060 12GB Ventus or similar then it is worthy of cryptocurrency mining system.

If you are wanting to earn cryptocurrency by mining cryptocurrency on the side as a part time hobby or full time hobby 24/7/365 then just grabbing your gaming computer with a decent graphics card will start you off nicely and by the end of the year, you could have $300.00 per year from one single basic graphics cards.

It does not matter if you are starting out cryptocurrency mining with 1 graphics card or several, you will make money.  Especially if you just let it save and accumulate for a rainy day while you  have a full or part time job.  Cryptocurrency Mining in 2022 is rewarding but you must know many factors before diving into the cryptocurrency mining field.  Just because it works for someone first off does not mean it will work for you. This is true for any job.

You also need the skill set to make sure you can do the work required to build a cryptocurrency mining rig from scratch, know cryptocurrency mining hashrates, mining pools, cryptocurrency’s in general, have an invested interest in a particular cryptocurrency, setup of cryptocurrency miners (software & hardware).  Crytocurrency Mining is a specialist area in computer science.

If you already have a decent gaming computer with a decent graphics card of 12GB or greater than you can start off mining cryptocurrency relatively straight forward.  Even though you will need to learn alot about the hardware, software and cryptocurrency, virtual wallets, how to transfer/sell cryptocurrency mined cryptocurrency values to your fiat bank acccount and alot more.  It’s not for everyone and in some countries like China has banned cryptocurrency’s altogether.  You can still mine cryptocurrency but you need to be aware that there is many factors are involved before you start to mine cryptocurrency.

You should note that it is very costly for obtianing new hardware, software but if your cryptocurrency mining setup is done right and best suited to your individual circumstances then you can be sure, you will be lead down a path to success, wealth and alot of prosperity down the track, cryptocurrency mining won’t get you rich over night but cryptocurrency mining will get you rich over a long period of time if you save what you mine.

It is important you save your mined cryptocurrency over the weeks, months, years, decades.

If you mine $4,000 per month – $4,000 per month is a relatively small but modest sized setup for cryptocurrency mining.  You will earn approximately $48,000 AUD per year.

For example, i know one person who does relatively and rather well for cryptocurrency mining with 180…MSI NVIDIA RTX GEFORCE 3060s and earns $156.10 per day!

Cryptocurrency mining with $156.10 per day, earns you $4,682.94 per month or $56,184 per yea with 180, NVIDIA 3060s.  This is according to pricing of the cryptocurrency mining coin ERG at the printing time of this article 27/4/2022.