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Cryptocurrency Mining – Latest Update – January 2022 – 01/14/2022

Cryptocurrency Mining 3060 x 9
Cryptocurrency Mining 2060 x 1

Cryptocurrency Mining 100 x 3060 = $4,060.06 per month or $48,720.72 per year.

Cryptocurrency Mining 200 x 3060 = $7,929.31 per month or $95,151.72 per year.

David Gawler is a blockchain engineer.  David Gawler has got his own cryptocurrency mining farm.  David Gawler is a qualified IT support specialist and website developer.  David Gawler has been in IT since age 7 but professionally contracting out to clients for about 12 years.

David Gawler is an expert when it comes to cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency mining & expertise in developing IT infrastructure, websites and dedicated servers, VoIP phone systems.

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