Dedicated Servers Sydney Australia

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Microsoft Dedicated Servers Sydney Australia are great to host your website in Sydney, Australia within a dedicated server datacentre.  The system ensures no down time and makes your websites run all the time, not just when you feel like it.

We’re the fastest and most reliable Microsoft Dedicated Servers.  Here we attempt to give you unlimited technical support personally so you can speak to a real human and not a robot.  Whilst some automatic things are great on the technical are good, you still need a human to work directly with your Microsoft Dedicated Servers and that’s where we come in…Most people buy a dedicated server from some random supplier but their support is just useless, most of the time, not even there.

When your dedicated server is playing up, you need the best and world-class dedicated servers support available.  We’ve had clients for website hosting, IAAS, SAAS and other options that people use Microsoft Dedicated Servers for.  If you are wanting to host your own private web server with complete control then you can’t go past a Microsoft Dedicated Servers.  Buy It Online and you’ll be more than pleased with it’s performance.

Skybridge Domains Microsoft Dedicated Servers run all the time, all year around 24×7.  Microsoft Dedicated Servers Australia offer unlimited technical support, unsurpassed technical hosting abilities and proven and reliable microsoft dedicated servers infrastructure to host any website, iaas or saas.

Microsoft Dedicated Servers Sydney Australia $299.95/month AUD + GST