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Managed Dedicated Servers Help, call 1800-057-265 or email support@skybridgedomains.coim

Skybridge Domains is a world-class leader in delivering domain names, new and classic, global and country domain names.
Login to your cPanel or use the domain control and redirect using your DNS control panel for your specific domain names.
Login to your DNS domain names control panel app and use and, if you encounter any troubles, please let us know via calling 1800-057-265 or email
Sectigo SSL Certificates comes with domain validation options, organisation validation options and extended validation options. Sectigo SSL Certificates DV, OV, EV can be used to enhance your website and domain names security. You can use Microsoft IIS control panel or cPanel's CSR creation to generate your CSR. If you need help then contact us on 1800-057-265 or email

login to your cPanel or WHM reseller account and you can create email addresses from there, you can also forward emails quite easily in cPanel Email, horde email web mail client, you can also use exchange server to forward emails, depending how your dedicated server, VPS or Domain Names

Skybridge Domains Dedicated Servers
Login to your domain name control panel. Skybridge Domains cPanel WHM or your preferred domain name can transfer your existing website with your current backup from cPanel .tar.gz. You also need a full backup copy of your wordpress file .sql extensions.
Login to your domain name control panel from skybridge domains or preferred domain name DNS control panel with your service provider and renew from there.
Securing and encrypting your domain name / website is easy with Skybridge Domains Sectigo SSL Certificates, Domain Validation, Extended Validation, Organisation Validation, simply sign up for sectigo ssl certificates $25/1 year AUD + GST or USD.

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