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I want go get a website and a domain name but don’t even know where to start?

cPanel is an American developed cPanel web hosting platform that is easy to manage and runs securely via your client web browser like Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and others.

To get started hosting your cPanel Web Hosting Package and Online Solution. First of all, you will need a domain name then you will need a cPanel Web Hosting SHARED account or cPanel Dedicated Server that’s based on Linux. For the sake of making it easy, we’ll start off with a cPanel web hosting account that’s shared.

What’s the difference? cPanel Web Hosting and Dedicated Server cPanel Web Hosting? The main difference is control, flexibility and security along with speed.

cPanel Web Hosting that’s Shared is designed more for a lower usage website/app that you need to host online.  The main difference here with a cPanel Web Hosting solution that’s SHARED is that you quite literally SHARE technical resources hosted in a far away datacentre somewhere.  Shared cPanel Web Hosting is good up until a point where you get all your website hosting technology and programming resources rounded up into one big SHARED package with cPanel Web Hosting, that’s good if total control, security, flexibility and speed is not a 100% priority to you.

Where SHARED cPanel Web Hosting is good is if you are a start up company and you only have a fixed budget or you need to host your website on a fast enough cPanel Web Hosting plan that’s going to be close to your user base.  Although this will work great for a period of time, you will notice that cPanel Web Hosting is sort of slow ish and cumbersome to use for your users.  That’s because SHARED cPanel Web Hosting slows down, when more and more clients jump on your website. When this happens, your SHARED cPanel Web Hosting will degrade in quality of service and possibly get slow and impossible websites to your SHARED cPanel Web Hosting Solution.  When this happens, customers will click off and go somewhere else and lose you business (because your cPanel Web Hosting) is slow.  Infact, Google Says, you should have your website load in a blink of an eye or in under 4 seconds.  If it loads any slower then your SHARED cPanel Web Hosting will unfortunately lose you business.  Although Skybridge Domains cPanel Web Hosting package tries to limit the amount of people we put on our cPanel Web Hosting servers, there is a maximum limit of success with cPanel Web Hosting that’s SHARED.

You also have limitations on how you can control and manage your website with cPanel Web Hosting vs cPanel Dedicated Servers.

Like I say, there is no right or wrong answer with a cPanel SHARED Web Hosting Solution VS cPanel Dedicated Servers but one has clearly better, faster and stronger over the SHARED cPanel Web Hosting version.