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Dedicated Servers are designed for Websites, IAAS and SAAS.  What’s the different?  Websites give you access to worldwide exposure and online marketing.  IAAS is infrastructure-as-a-service that control and manage your dedicated servers infrastructure privately for your organisation.  SAAS is software-as-a-service is software-as-a-service and controls and manages your organisations resources for example, hosted VoIP phone service or website server like Microsoft IIS Web Server.  These can both classify as a SAAS and IAAS application because they are both software and infrastructure required for your company to run successfully and is how everyone who has a business today functions and wins with their business.  If you don’t have dedicated servers then you will have to host your own hardware and software but this can be unreliable, out dated and not up to date with the latest technology along with the high cost of expense.  Dedicated Servers have a controlled monthly expense that allows you to have all the latest dedicated servers and web hosting technology at a fraction of the cost of hosting your own hardware and goes beyond the limits of SHARED web hosting with cPanel.  Dedicated Servers will increase productivity and income while reducing the cost of ROI, return on investment.  Dedicated Servers need to be online 24×7 with unlimited access to genuine support staff who know what they are doing.

The fact is, you need a dedicated server to compete with the modern world.

Dedicated Servers reside in the local datacentre that’s close to you and your customers so you get a win-win solution that’s driven by success and paid sales which ultimately tell the story of success.  Dedicated Servers bring you the best of the best technology hosting services within the datacentre environment and enable you to increase income whilst reducing cost of hosting.

You can also host unlimited websites, IAAS, SAAS applications on one server, assuming your dedicated server hardware and software requirements allow your deployment design.

Sounds challenging? It is.  But with the right skills from David Gawler and Skybridge Domains Dedicated Servers Specialists then you’ll get the best of both worlds.  Modern Dedicated Servers with unlimited and unsurpassed dedicated servers hosting technology with unlimited technology and support 24×7 with your dedicated servers.

Choose between Linux Dedicated Servers and Microsoft Windows 2016, 2019 latest versions of Dedicated Servers Operating Systems. You should be choosing the latest dedicated servers OS because this will allow you to be up to date with all the offers and features of a grand dedicated servers.

Dedicated Servers are designed for cPanel Web Hosting, WordPress Web Hosting, Magento Web Hosting, OSCOMMERCE Web Hosting, you can use Dedicated Servers for your e-commerce solutions online.

Dedicated Servers typically have a base rate of $299/month but they do have pluses, where you earn more income from faster websites, faster iaas applications and faster saas.

Special Price Online $299/month AUD + GST

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