Domain Names Search in Australia .CA Domains (Canadian Domain Names)

WhaT’s in a name?
a Guide To your domain name reGisTraTion.
a Proud PeT oWner
has a doG named
Joe BroWn.
a PoliTical hoPeful BeGins
PlanninG The camPaiGn To
elecT Joe BroWn.
a BuddinG enTrePreneur
launches a resTauranT
called Joe BroWn’s.
WhaT is a Domain name?
a domain name is the easy-to-remember name—like—used to identify a website on the internet. .ca is the
domain extension used to designate canadian domain names
on the internet.
WhaT is The Domain name sysTem?
The domain name system, or dns, is a comprehensive
directory that connects domain names with the numerical iP
addresses of computers on the internet. for example, cira’s
domain name,, corresponds to the iP address, which is far more diffi cult to remember.
The dns is an essential component of the internet’s
infrastructure. Without its naming system, the user-friendly
internet we rely on would not exist. The canadian internet
registration authority (cira) maintains the authoritative dns
servers for the .ca domain. These servers process more than
600 million requests per day to connect internet users with
more than one million .ca domain names.
WhaT is a regisTry?
a registry is an entity that maintains the master database of
domain names for a top-level domain (Tld)—the letters after
the last dot in a web address, such as .ca for canada.
Who geTs To regisTer
The answer is that any one of these people can register the
domain name, as long as he or she has a canadian presence.
cira acts on behalf of all canadians to provide fair and equal
access to .ca domain name registrations. Whether the website
you want to create is about your dog, your business, or yourself,
you can register that domain name and control its use—if it’s
not already registered to someone else.
domain names are registered on a fi rst-come, fi rst-served basis,
so the best way to obtain the name you want is to be fi rst to
register it.
remember: a domain can refl ect your identity.
Register yours today.