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How to choose a domain name.

1. Use a keyword that’s popular with Google Trends in breakout status.

2. Sell a product that’s popular.

3. Use short, friendly names  as domains.

Your domain name doesnt have to be your business name. Try using keywords that describe your business, services, products or brand, for example, if you’re based in Sydney, Australia and want to be known for your unsurpassed quality, you might be consider to register the domain name “” is a great option.

You want to make sure that our name stands out in the crowd and is easy to remember and type into any web browser.

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Establish your brand with a new top-level domain (TLD)

Domains have been registered and in use for decades. During this time, millions of domain names have been created, registered, and deleted. Since each of these domains must be unique, the list of applicable or desirable names available to your business has been depleted, if not exhausted.

In the past, there were only 22 top-level domains (TLDs) or domain extensions in use, such as .com, .net, and .org. The ICANN organization realized that there was a dwindling supply of ideal TLDs and sought to remedy that by adding new domain extensions. This provides you with better or more creative ways to create a domain that is helpful for your business or website.

There are 20+ generic top-level domains (or gTLDs) that have been used over the years. Most of these are widely available to the public (such as .com for commercial use), but some are limited to government (.gov), military (.mil), countries or universities (.edu). In the last few years, this crowded field of gTLD extensions was infused by many new available gTLDs.

Domain Names search