Sectigo EV SSL Single Domain/1 year GREENBAR

Sectigo EV SSL Single Domain/1 year GREENBAR


Sectigo EV SSL Single Domain



Sectigo EV SSL Single Domain

Sectigo EV SSL certificates are the most trustworthy SSL certificates available.

Before issuing any EV certificate, the CA must perform a specific, audited authentication process using techniques that are proven effective over more than ten years of industry-wide use.

Because of this highly trustworthy authentication process, browsers display the “branded address bar,” which includes the verified brand name of the company operating this site adjacent to the URL at the top of the browser interface. The company name in the branded address bar indicates that the identity of this site operator is highly trusted information and reveals the specific identity of the company operating the site.

Trust indicators enabled by EV SSL

  • Displays organization name in the browser
  • Activates the green address bar (in most browsers)
  • Activates HTTPS
  • Displays the padlock symbol
  • Company name in browser bar
  • Dynamic TrustLogo

What do consumers say when they visit a website with EV SSL?

  • 57% of people are more likely to share personally identifiable information
  • 50% are more likely to engage in financial transactions
  • 43% are more likely to sign up for a new account
  • 38% are more likely to fill out and submit an online form
  • 37% are more likely to make a purchase
EV SSL: Your Key to Maximizing Online Trust

EV SSL establishes credibility for your online business and is a critical tool for increasing your website performance