Linux Load Averages – Linux LA Errors

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The general rule of thumb is that the load average shouldn’t exceed the number of processors in the machine. If the number of processors is four, the load should generally stay under 4.0.

The main cause but not limited to load averages troubleshooting your Linux System with a higher load average.  It can mean generally speaking no cause for concern through to a catasrophic hardware failure that is imminent.

Basically, load average is the amount of traffic to your CPU(s) over the past 1, 5, and 15 minutes. Generally you want this number to be below the number of CPU(s)/cores you have. 1.0 on a single core machine means it’s using the CPU to it’s maximum, and anything above that means things are getting queued.

Your CPU is a good place to start troubleshooting. Because it is the brains of your computer. 1 core or many cores for your processor or CPU will determine high load averages. 

If load averages are temporary and spike to the higher value load averages from time to time then there will be a reason for this too. Your computer might be processing to many tasks at once on a basic CPU and your system will crash because of it.  A simple reboot or turn your system off and on will usually fix the problem.  The load average will only ococur again and again.

Imagine a scenario where you have a space ship.  You need 10 engines to fly the space ship at warp speed but you are only running 8 engines.  You sure do need 10 engines to fly this space ship, 8 is simply not going to get it.  8 engines may get it into take off mode and have a very rough flight and possibly crash. 

Adding 10 engines for normal space flight will get your space ship well and truly into the air and a smooth flight thereafter with a smooth landling.  A good CPU is required to have a normal space flight without a hitch and fly smoothly during take off and landing. An average or lower budget CPU will do the same task as our imaginary space flight, crash and burn. Your lower budget or cheap CPU might work for a bit but not for ever, especially under heavy loads.  Hence the term, linux load average failure.

Other scenarios for high load averages can be read/write disk SATA & SSD hard drives, RAM are typically related to high load averages.

You should try out installing a NEW or better SSD Hard Drive or m.2 hard drive, RAM, CPU