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Why Netphone VoIP Phone Now

Thanks to advances in analogue networks.  Networks are now digital and super-fast broadband connections like fibre optics, 4G, 5g, WIFI, everything just works.

Why Netphone VoIP works perfect for home or business phones.

Drop everything you once knew about VoIP or Netphone.  It’s completely different in the 21st Century and Netphone VoIP is now future proof with modern day technology advances.

Thanks to advancing phone technologies.  Analogue phone technology has been around since the 1960’s and has worked well for it’s purpose at the time and many decades beyond.  Analogue has served it’s purpose of people, companies and businesses for decades.

Analogue Phones worked great and Netphone’s whilst the technology for Advanced, Reliable and Speedy Internet did exist, the old analogue phone technology was unreliable and scratchy at the best of times.

Analogue Phones tried to work in with Netphones as a helpful addon to make solely cheaper calls but not much else but line quality thanks to the quality of the persons network became a problem consistently because peoples networks were simply not up to the task of analogue systems carrying voice over IP phone technology voice and audio calls along with a myriad of IM and VoIP phone features that comes with VoIP phones.

Only the biggest of the biggest stock exchange listed companies could afford and implement such high tech and advanced networks.  This was very true back in the 1990’s and 2000’s.  Analogue networks could simply not keep up with the high throughput of technologically advanced netphone’s.  Even though the technology was there. Netphone VoIP is a great addition to analogue networks or digitally enhanced networks like Fibre Optisc, 4G, 5G, WIFI and NBN in Australia.

For the most part, VoIP earn a reputation for being poor quality, prone to drop outs and well to be honest, just not work as expected and as it promised.

Netphone VoIP was simply too much to handle for analogue networked systems, especially when more and more people got on the system to make Netphone VoIP calls over analogue phones and lines.

Netphone VoIP now works over 4G, 5G, WIFI and NBN as it’s known as in Australia.  NBN and Netphone VoIP phone calls to landlines and mobiles are now made possible through your high tech broadband internet.

All sounds great.  But, does is Netphone VoIP phone really that good? The Answer is YES!

However, you need the right equipment to make it work correctly and probably 9 times out of 10, upgrade your existing analogue phones and old aging $50 routers that probably your ISP provided you.  You need the right home based network or business based network for Netphone VoIP phone to be functioning correctly.

So if so good with Netphone VoIP – Why don’t people just switch over to Netphone VoIP?

Simple. Cost.  In the past Netphone VoIP phone has been expensive, cumbersome and hard to implement.  In the modern 21st Century, the main telecommunications of governments around the world have spent almost entire fortunes upgrading their telecommunications infrastructure in preparation of faster, more reliable and more secure broadband networks like 4G, 5G and Fibre optics.

Netphone VoIP works better than analogue phone technology these days because it’s digitally enhanced and digitally sequenced with internal program and makes it so great that you sound like you are in the same room when you are talking on an IP phone.

Most people need to spend around $400-500 on a good quality and high tech, Netphone VoIP phone router and additional IP phone to connect to their network to make reliable Netphone VoIP phone calls work correctly, efficiently and clearly.  Regardless, of your setup, you need a modern IP phone.

If this is the case, what network routers and IP phones should i buy? Rule of thumb, don’t buy cheap routers that don’t support Netphone VoIP.  Future proof your network with Netphone VoIP so you can make sure Netphone VoIP works for you.  

Quality Routers – Quality IP Phones make it all work perfect, tirelessly and will end Netphone VoIP phone drop outs, non-responsiveness.  For your Netphone VoIP phones to work correctly, you most certainly need the right equipment.


Voice Over IP History. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) transmission began in 1973 as a result of the experimental Network Voice Protocol invented for the ARPANET. However, it wasn’t until 2001 that the first Internet Phone Software – SKYBRIDGE DOMAINS NETPHONE VOIP – appeared.

  1. Good Quality Mid to high end router/modem
  2. Good Quality IP phone that’s carrier grade.

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At our campany, SKYBRIDGE DOMAINS, Netphone VoIP, we recommend buying slightly better equipment hardware like better IP phones to upgrade your old aging telecom network and switch to voice over IP phones.  Netphone VoIP IP phones we recommend starts from Grandstream GRP 2612P