NiceHash maintenance mode explanation!

NiceHash maintenance mode explanation!

Dear NiceHash users!

First, we would like to apologize for a bad user experience in the last 48 hours. Our service is facing massive growth, and our team is working hard to ensure the platform’s stable operation. Due to high growth, we are facing some challenges that need periodical maintenance.

Our statistics service does not show the correct data, so the history graphs get corrupted occasionally or show the wrong profitability curve. But this is only a display issue on the charts; you are still getting paid for every share, so there is no need to disconnect the mining rigs! Check your wallet for mining payments, and you will see that payments are executed as scheduled.

To mitigate the mining stats issue, we will turn off the stats for a short period of time. This should bring increased stability and performance to the Rig Manager. NiceHash Miner will lose unpaid balance information for some time! This is a necessary step to improve stability and you can always check your unpaid balance online!

Here is my conclusion.

Nice hash should warn their users prior to making upgrades, maintenance, that’s all put of websites.  Nice hash warn people first before their service goes off line to make upgrades, maintenance for nice hash services.  

As a programmer my self, its normally for uprades and maintenance to take place.  But one thing you should do is notify your end users first.  I realise it’s not always possible.  Nice hash should really try and make an effort to warn people prior to just deciding to upgrade then and there.

To be honest, i like using nice hash and they have a great end user and friendly graphical user interface or GUI.  Nice hash is worth staying with it and moving forward with nice hash.  I have tried other mining pools like 2miners. for raven coin. for ethereum mining for Octopus mining.

There is a lot of options away from nice hash like 2 miners.

If you would like help with mining cryptocurrency, nice hash, 2miners or other mining pools then be sure to be in touch and connect through my skype IT helpdesk