Fast Web Hosting for WordPress


Fast Web Hosting for WordPress

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Fast Web Hosting for Wordpress

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Fast Web Hosting for WordPress

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Official Web Hosting that’s fast web hosting.
Wordpress, Woocommerce, Magento, Oscommerce

Dedicated & shared web hosting that’s reliable, fast and secure.  Hosted in a multi million dollar datacentre in Sydney, Australia.  Official Web Hosting even hosts inside Google’s Datacentre to offer complete redundancy and backup systems for fast web hosting so it is always up and running 24/7.

Customers need fast web hosting. It does not matter if it’s shared or dedicated web hosting but it has to be fast.  Its slow with fast web hosting service providers because they put hundreds and even thousands of customers onto their systems to save money.  If the fast web hosting only put a handle full of customers on servers then it will be a much faster server for customers.

High end data requirements are needed for today’s success.  Slow web hosting is just not an option, you need to be fast, really fast 24/7. 

Fast Web Hosting Solutions with cPanel that’s also secure and encrypted and can proudly say that official web hosting has never been hacked.  Fast Web Hosting happens when everything runs in sync and kept up to date with the latest software and hardware requirements for your website and official web hosting plans.

The best place to start if you don’t know or are just learning your way through the online world is get official web hosting that’s fast and meets the requirements of what you intend to set out to do.

If you plan to host a website that needs a database like an online shop for wordpress and woocommerce then a fast web hosting online plan will do the trick. Do not choose a slow web hosting service provider, slow web hosting plans will make your website time out and crash, the more your website gets customers and the busier it gets.

You don’t want this because the website will make you money online with the products and services you sell. You ultimately need fast web hosting that’s official.  It is not enough to have a slow website based on a slow web hosting plan, there is no excuse really today in the digital world to be slow. Your official web hosting plan needs to be fast.

With Official Web Hosting. It does not matter the plan you go with but rather choose a plan that suits your web sites hosting needs and requirements from a technical level. If you don’t need wordpress then you don’t need a database and most of the time that’s MySQL Database support for official web hosting. Just buy a simple and straight forward plan below that gives you fast web hosting with virtually unlimited resources for your hardware and software web hosting.  The price is competitive and is on a minimum usage “shared” system but never the less, is great and super-fast.  You can even do further optimisation programming to enhance your website speeds like reduce image sizes, cache optimisers, CDN or content delivery networks, optimise coding for your website. 

If you don’t need wordpress then only have a website with html.  If you need wordpress and a shop online then that’s great too. This plan supports every bit of official web hosting that’s available and comes with the latest PHP 7.4 versions.

Fast Web Hosting – Unlimited

Unlimited Emails
Unlimited FTPS
Unlimited Sub Domains
Unlimited Domains Registrations
Unlimited MYSQL Databases
Unlimited Diskspace (SSD NVme or SATA)

Ideal for Official and Fast Web Hosting. WordPress, Magento, OScommerce & HTML/CSS/JAVA.

Fast SHARED Web Hosting Online Plan 1

Buy Now $4.95/month AUD + GST

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