Microsoft Dedicated Servers

$ 450.00

Microsoft Dedicated Servers



Microsoft Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

The fastest dedicated server series release to date. The Blaze series lets you serve your applications faster than ever. Improve end user experience with NvME performance and Blazing CPU speeds.

Take complete control of how you want to run and manage your server, whilst leveraging Servers Australia Network (Australia’s largest Private Network), Data Centre security and our 24/7 Australian-based support. Let us manage the Infrastructure and you focus on what’s important to you.

Skybridge Domains is an expert in supporting IT infrastructure with Microsoft Dedicated Servers, Microsoft Web Hosting like Microsoft IIS Web Hosting Platforms.

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Microsoft Dedicated Servers

CPU: Xeon E-2276G
CORES: 12 Physical Cores
CLOCK SPEED: 3.8Ghz Clock Speed
HARD DRIVE: 2 x 1TB NVMe Storage
Network Speed: 7TB Data @ 1 GBit Port

A Fantastic Dedicated Server suitable for most applications like Microsoft IIS Web Hosting or Microsoft Exchange. Blazing Fast & Rock Solid.

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When you want complete control, security, and high performance a Dedicated Server is the solution you want to go for. While the network may be shared, you’ll have complete control over the processing and storage with your own Dedicated Server environment.

When a just a cPanel shared web hosting plan or shared Microsoft IIS Web Hosting is not enough then it’s time for a Microsoft Dedicated Server with Microsoft IIS Web Hosting that’s dedicated.