Red Alert – 2021 Is The Year Of The Scam

Red Alert – 2021 Is The Year Of The Scam

Think the pandemic is bad enough? Wait until you hear these horror stories from online scammers.

Online and Computer scammers are only as bad as the end users, typically the people operating the computer like every day people, office workers. Think you’re outsmarted scammers? You should think again and take measures to protect your banking and other data assets like your bitcoin crypto account, computer password, email password, your website maintenance password, your router password. All these usernames and passwords are vulnerable to some extent.

Why do online scammers want to scam you in the first place? For the most part, it’s their ego. Yes, I can do this. Second. It’s for illegal financial gain. Online scammers will try absolutely everything to gain access to your bank account, data on your computer. While this sounds scary and it is very much so scary you be taking computer and internet security very seriously and your network and computers is only as strong or as good as you are.  If you got no anti virus or internet security applications installed then here will be your first problem and a problem that can be easily fixed by installing and configuring Kaspersky Anti Virus or Trend Micro Anti Virus – Internet Security applications.

Do not use free anti virus or internet security applications.  They are more trouble than they are worth and will eventually only result in a computer tech to come out and fix it along with a massive IT support bill.

Scammers use SMS, phone calls and even just down right their hacking skill to attack your computer and internet network.  One common area that is helpful to scammers is that people often use their default passwords on their routers and internet facing switches to gain access to the network further.

A professional telecommunications or service provider will never ask for your details or for you to click on links unless you have requested it.  It is now a rule of thumb, never click on links without requesting it first from a known source or certainly don’t accept phone calls from a phone number you don’t know and not in your authorised contact list.

Losing your bank account balance and your computer data is considered a critical asset and is your ‘life’. Without the existence of your own data, you would not exist in today’s, modern world.  It is even wise to scan all your important documents onto a 2 USB’s drive and get certified copies from a JP. You can even store these documents onto a secure Google Drive or your own personal drop box account and along as you have it on 2 USB drives then you’re data will be safely and securely backed up.

Drivers, License, Power Bills, Bank Statements, Company Letterheads and official documents that are important to critical running of your life and business.  This article is not in an effort to scare you or do harm but it is an effort to do what is possible to safely store and retrieve your data and important documents like banking information, computer and network passwords.  It is to make you aware so you can act responsibly and proactively and take calculated “safe” measures to secure your data and important information.

Importantly, it is up to the individual to protect your computer and internet assets sufficiently, you don’t have to be an absolute genius to protect against online scammers and hackers but you do and should know the very fundamental basics of their motivation and ego and importance to why someone would want the information in the first place, even just your name and email something.  Remember their motivation is illegal financial gain. If the online scammers and hackers don’t have even basic information of yours then there is no way they can scam or hack you.

A good place to start is buying a full copy of Kaspersky Internet Security or Anti Virus , Trend Micro Anti Virus.    If you need help then please contact an expert in computer security that is qualified & certified computer engineers.

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More to come.