#skybridgedomainslive WordPress Troubleshoot & Fix Broken WordPress Plugin. There has been a critical error.


#skybridgedomainslive WordPress
Troubleshoot & Fix Broken WordPress Plugin.
There has been a critical error.

The purpose of this video is to troubleshoot WordPress and Plugin errors which can completely break your website using wordpress plugin updates. Considering wordpress is so good otherwise, it is unusual to see wordpress crash due to a few flimsy updates with WordPress Plugins. To troubleshoot the wordpress plugin critical error message, simply login to your secure FTP account and go to your admin in FTP directory for your website and locate your folder/directory in your cPanel WordPress Secure FTP account such as wp-content/plugins. 

To begin to troubleshoot and start fixing, note to rename WordPress Plugin directory/folder.  The Plugin directory/folder should be there named “Plugins”. 

If you rename the folder called “Plugins” to “plugins.old” and go to your crashed website then the overall website will load with wordpress intact, expect it to look messy, that’s because the plugins controlling the extra features to make it look sleek and beautiful is all located in WordPress Plugins which you have just renamed to Plugins.old.

If you rename back to Plugins then you reload your crashed website then you should still receive the critical crashed error for your wordpress website.

Go back to your website via secure FTP wp-content/plugins and start to rename the individual WordPress Plugins directory/folders. For example.  You will see

Elementor.  Rename Elementor to Elementor.old

Facebook. Facebook-for-woocommerce to Facebook-for-woocommerce.old


If you reload your WordPress crashed website with the .old names, you’re website will work one by one with renaming the old directory/folders WordPress Plugins that may be crashed. If it works then it’s all good and it will be the last .old directory/folder you renamed. Once you’ve worked out the exact directory/folder that was corrupt or critically broken in your wordpress wp-content/Plugins.

You can delete the directory/folder if you know exactly which .old folder it is that’s broken. Do not delete all folders/directory in wp-content/Plugins, you will break the website entirely. Only delete the website  Plugins you know that is causing the exact issue.  e.g. if it is Elementor and you rename it to Elementor.old then you reload your WordPress Website is crashed previously and now works when you rename to Elementor.old then you 100% know it is the updated version Elementor.old directory/folder, for whatever reason, the WordPress Elementor program has crashed and caused an error during updating.  

Delete the Elementor.old directory/folder if you know it is this that’s causing the issue.