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The Mining Network, Cryptocurrency Mining Matrix MIning

ASIC Mining, David Gawler

The Mining Network
Bitcoin SHA-256, ERG Autolykos2

Cryptocurrency Mining Secures The Blockchain Through the main consensus mechanism and process called mining which creates new blocks and verifies transactions.

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The Mining Network, TMN focuses on cryptocurrency mining with ASIC’s and GPU Mining.  ASIC’s an acronym for Application Specific Integrated Circuit’s. ASICS are high-powered cryptocurrency mining machines and require a specialised setup.  

The MIning Network, David Gawler


At 9/8/2022, the most profitable ASIC Miner, the iPollo V1 mining EtHash algoritm  has a maximum hashrate of 3.6Gh/s for a power consumption of 3100W.  At the time of printing, 9/8/2022 will earn EtHash, Hash rate 3.6 Gh/s at power consumption of 3100 Watts earning $81.95 per day, this actual rate may vary but is accurate at the time of printing.  

Connecting 100 ASIC miners with the iPollo V1 all running at full capacity at value of $81.95 per day that’s an amazing $983.40 per day earning from o100 ASIC iPollo v1 miners. a daily amount of $983.40 ends up being $29,502 per month. Clearly this does not associated infrastructure, operating costs but is merely a value prestend before you that mining is well worth the effort if you have the skills and know how backed up by financial resources to manage such a large network of ASIC mining with the iPollo V1 ASIC miner.

The ASIC miner iPollo V1 curently costs $26,999.00 USD but earning $29,502 would pay it back or ROI the first or second year at most for 1 x ASIC miner iPollo V1.

Of course, other kinds of ASIC miners do exist.  READ MORE

Crypto Algorithm / coin  Ethash / ETH, ETC, ZIL, QKC, CLO
Hashrate(MH/s)  3600 (±10%

RTX Gaming X 3070, David Gawler


The Mining Network TMN focuses also on GPU mining with AMD or NVIDIA graphics card or otherwise known as GPU’s. 

NVIDIA 3060 X 15 Cryptocurrency Mining ERG with 1.2 GIGAHASH  mining with autolykos2 algoritm earns you about $10.00 – $15.00 per day, every 24 hours.  

The Mining Network recommends you to mine with ASICS & GPU mining devices, if possible to maximise profits.