Digital Marketing and Websites

David Gawler, Corporate Profile

David Gawler is a website developer and coder that operates the front end and backend of the UX.  A highly skilled programmer, David Gawler can easily execute projects from the ground up and start from scratch. 

It does not matter if you are starting a new project or got an existing project, the truth is they all websites need a highly skilled programmer.  It’s simply not enough today to say I got a website with one or two pages on the world wide web. 

The truth is – you need thousands of pages to complete with the competition and many websites replicating the same promotions and features for your business. This sounds expensive and yes it is and it is even more expensive if you get it wrong.  (SADLY, MOST DO GET IT SO WRONG, EVEN THE SO CALLED WEBSITE DEVELOPERS/EXPERTS GET IT WRONG)! 

Low Cost Digital Marketing and Websites is David Gawler’s experts and specialty. Qualified In IT, David Gawler is a true master at his Craft as a website and digital marketer.

David Gawler is an expert in website development and gets exactly what the client needs on a daily basis.  Most website companies deploy a set and forget strategy leaving you, the client out in the cold, not knowing what to do in the event of something goes wrong, need advice or gets hacked.  David Gawler deploys the latest and greatest technology technique and basic SEO coding with your website that start with over 200+ Google Algorithms, most companies do not even do a handful of the core fundamentals because they dont know how get lazy or just incompetent. 

David Gawler makes sure you get the best of everything when you sign up to the low cost and affordable SEO solutions as a service provider, you might say, the true Gold Standard.  

David Gawler stays with you for the entire time of your website and digital marketing strategy to make sure you get listed on page 1 of Google and social media. It is simply not enough in today’s busy world to set and forget tactics because that’s what most SEO service providers do, even if you pay them thousands of dollars a month and get no results. In some cases, not even a website.  David Gawler has developed many successful websites over the course of a decade or more and is highly skilled, trained and constantly up to date with all the latest and great SEO tactics, skillset.  

David Gawler says many of the top websites in the world fall well short of the basic 200+ Google Algorithms ad follow the Google SEO Periodic Table of Success guidelines.

David Gawler deploys real and intellience SEO practices.